Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome to the inside of my head

It's not everyone who can say that they've seen their own brain. But I have.

Just recently, I took part in some research for the National Society for Epilepsy. Sounds grand, eh? Actually, all I did was lie around inside an MRI scanner while the really clever people asked me questions and set me tasks. Meanwhile, the scanner photographed the activity (if any) occurring in my brain. I was a 'control sample' you see. By comparing my brain to those of people with epilepsy, it may reveal possible new strategies for reducing the number of incidents a person suffers.
The payoff was that I got to keep a bunch of photos. So here they are.
It's reassuring that there isn't a vast empty space there ...

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Me said...

he There is more in it that I imagined - could you have got the wrong stills?