Monday, September 03, 2007

Weight ... and Sea!

I've nearly reached my target! I am now just a few pounds away from losing the weight I set out to lose and I'm feeling great. But you know how it is ... it's always harder to see your own weight loss when it's a steady trickle of ounces and you see yourself all the time. Other people get the benefit of seeing you only periodically so the loss is more pronounced and dramatic.

But I did get a sense of that today when looking back through some photographs from earlier in the year. Back in February, I was up in West Kilbride in Scotland (see blog entry here) and took some quite nice shots of the Isle of Arran. Well, today I found those shots ... plus a pic of me in front of the sea crossing to Arran. And it's scary how big I was just seven months ago. You can barely see the island because of the fat bloke. But don't take my word for it ... here's a comparison:



Me said...

I know that guy on the shot on the left - but who is the skinny brother on the right?
Well done - you have worked so hard and I am very sure your heart is indebted to you.

Spud said...

Mate. You really have done well on this. Be nice to have a pint with you when you get reintroduced to Noraml grub again!

Steve Colgan said...

Scary isn't it? As it happens, I'm off to a conference for three days today ... and normal grub and wine are my only nutritional options. So, my task is to NOT to become the Incredible Bulk again!