Saturday, September 15, 2007

Strip me!

Wow ... what a week.

Firstly, sales of the 2007 Tripwire Annual are very brisk, which is great news for my mate Joel who has grafted like a bastard to relaunch his excellent comics-film-TV interest magazine. Quite good news for me too as not only did I sub-edit the book, I also scripted a two-page Sherlock Holmes strip drawn by the inimitable and talented Mr James Murphy, which appears in the 'Stripwire' section of the annual. I recommend the book to you all, especially if you're into Heroes, The Simpsons, Judge Dredd or Hellboy as Joel has managed to score some pretty amazing interviews with creators and stars, notably Mr Springfield himself, Matt Groening.

It's also been a good week for me for other reasons. As yet, I'm unrepresented i.e. I don't have an agent. But seeing as how I've been so busy on various projects recently and some look like they're piqueing (is that a word?) the interest of publishers, I thought I'd better try. So I printed up a few pages of my drivel, wrote a covering letter and banged five packages off to five top-Johnny literary agents on Tuesday night.

And on Thursday morning I got a bite! Amazing! So I delivered the full manuscript of one of my books to them yesterday. I'll have a decision early next week so fingers, toes, eyes ... yes, even legs ... crossed please. It could turn out to be an amazing week.

Meanwhile, buy the Tripwire Annual. The more Joel sells, the more chance the magazine will be back on our shelves. And good thing too - Tripwire was, by far, the best magazine of its kind at one time but, sadly, without the financial backing it so richly deserved, it was forced to close. Help bring it back ... but get in there quick as the annual is a limited run.

Here are the links for Amazon and the Forbidden Planet online shop.

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