Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No Bang Bang

My good friend Huw has recently produced an absolutely stunning anti-gun crime advert. It was on YouTube but had to be removed due to the inane, ignorant and occasionally racist comments that certain twats were leaving on the site. A great shame.

I urge you all - especially all you young gangsta wannabes - to watch it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A long time ago in a galaxy far away ... but quite near the London Eye

I paid a visit to the Star Wars exhibition at County Hall in London today ... er ... but I didn't dress up. Honest. I haven't quite crossed that 'Bridge of Sadness' into fan-boy territory yet. I just like the films. And, if further justification were needed, I should say that the bit that fascinates me most is the behind the scenes stuff. I'm lucky in that I know several sculptors and artists who've worked on the films, so I've seen some of the models, props and costumes before. I've even been lucky enough to get on set. But it was great to see some of the newer stuff that's been produced away from the UK.

It was a bit expensive at £16.50 per adult (my claim to have a mental age of nine didn't move the people on the ticket desk) but worth it if you want to rub yourself up against Anakin's life-sized pod racer or see what Jabba the Hutt could have looked like with eight legs and baps.

Enjoy these few pics. One of the high spots was Leia's bikini from Return of the Jedi. It didn't look so good without her in it though.

Darth Vader? Big wuss ...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Proud Dad (Blush)

My son's band This Dying Hour will be releasing their new EP Longest Memory from the Shortest Life on Casket records in September. It'll be in record shops and i-tunes etc. so buy it and help Liam and his mates to get rich and support me in my frail dotage!
Stair lifts don't come cheap you know.
Check out their MySpace site.

I'm back and smaller than ever

Two weeks without internet access didn't quite reduce me to a gibbering oaf but it was a pain. The house move went as smoothly as house moves can I guess and, yesterday, BT deigned to reconnect me and to reunite me with the 257 emails outstanding.

I'm about a stone off my target weight now ... and once I get there I'll have shed five stones this year and an enormous 7 stones since 2001.
So, I'm back! Expect more rambling and slimming.