Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You Brave Girls - and good for you!

Next Monday a curious thing will happen ... lots and lots of ladies will take their clothes off in public, right in the heart of London.
It's being promoted as the 'Ultimate Flashmob' - a massive flesh exposing event organised by journalist and broadcaster Dawn Porter (You'll know her from How to look good naked and Super Slim Me) to show that normal-sized women are beautiful and to Hell with the airbrushers and peddlars of Size Zero misery. The results will form part of a new TV special to be screened later in the year called Dawn gets naked.

I have no idea where it will be ... and wouldn't say anyway to deter the pervy element. But I will say to the ladies, visit Dawn's MySpace site and show your support ... even if you can't be there to show anything else!

Good luck girls! I wonder if there are plans for a male version ...

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V said...

Eek - sounds like a scarey prospect to me!