Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wet, Wet, bloody Wet

My good friend Huw was stranded in London last night when a month's rain fell in a day and no trains ran out from Paddington. Not surprising really when you see shots like this:

So he ended up having to stay at my place out in the (mostly) dry, high and porous chalkiness of the Chiltern Hills and I volunteered to drive him home to deepest, dampest Gloucestershire this morning.

And what a moist treat it was! Apart from trying not to skid on the detritus left by flood waters yesterday, we also had to play dodgems with the hundreds of abandoned cars all over the roads. Oh what fun.

And then there were the rivers formerly known as roads where you drove along the centre line and hoped to God that the old nursery rhyme about 'Doctor Foster went to Gloucester' didn't turn out to be strangely prophetic.

Enjoy the pics. We enjoyed taking them more than we did the drive. Two are of 'roads' somewhere near the soon to be re-named Bourton Under Water. The other is of the stricken RAF Fairford where the only thing likely to be touching down on their runways is a Fantasy Island style seaplane. Or Thunderbird 2.

My heart genuinely goes out to those of you we splashed past as you baled out your living rooms and pumped dry your kitchens. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

And, finally, a quick curse word or two to you gas-guzzling nations who won't do anything about global warming and all of the other environmental madness you're inflicting on the rest of us. And to the 4x4 owners who smugly drove past all the eco-friendly flooded smaller cars. You lot are causing this.

You know who you are ...

Top photo: BBC. All others by me.

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