Monday, July 16, 2007

WARNING - Man Baps ahead!

Here's a diet update. When I started I was 119.3kilos - that's 263lbs or 18 stone 7lbs. I'm now somewhere around the 15 stone mark and I'm seeing parts of myself I haven't seen in years. Viewers of a sensitive disposition, look away now... there will be man boobs.

So things are progressing well and I'm on target to get to about 12.5 to 13 stones. But here's the thing ... look how many different ways I had to use to describe my weight so that everyone (this is the world wide web after all) will see the weight loss. Why can't things be universal?

Now I know that the UK government has done its best to get us to think in a metric European way but, like most people over 40, I still can't visualise 5kg, 2 litres or, heaven forbid, how tall someone who is 1.65 metres is. I know, it's my fault for being an old-fashioned stick in the mud. But the government itself is not helping. It's all very well prosecuting fruit and veg shopkeepers for selling stuff in pounds and ounces ... but why isn't the government prosecuted for still putting up all speed limits in MPH? Why are all motorway signs still in miles? Why, when I buy a suit or a shirt, are the measurements still in inches? Why does my car speedometer have MPH on it? And why, when I pump up my car tyres, does the machine measure in PSI?

Come on Gordon! Sort it out! If we've got to accept decimalisation - as we did with coinage in the 1970s - then remove the alternatives and we'll all get used to it quicker. Or abandon the idea altogether and let's stick with the system that's done us proud for 2000 years.

Me? I'm not arsed either way. I just wish that there wasn't an 'either way'.


Me said...

Thanks for sharing your man baps with us and well done you for doing so well.
Lay of the MPH though - its bad enough getting a ticket as it is without having to get one in KPH!

Spud said...

I agree.. Although I am sure if you measured the speed of your weight loss in KPH it would sound more impressive :-)

Well done matey!!!