Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big Girl, you are Beautiful!

I'm in that strange limbo world at the moment (in the sense of neither here nor there ... not some bizarre alternative universe where everyone has to bend over backwards to get underneath a stick) where I'm just waiting for a date to move house. Latest guestimate is second week of July. Being in limbo means that we're living out of boxes at the moment and I can't get anything done as all of my art materials are packed away. However, I did complete a new piece today.

Having watched Mika's live performance at Glastonbury, and enjoyed Gok Wan's How to look good naked series, and being on this diet (2 stones gone now), and loving the biro doodles of my mate Murphy (deep breath), I was inspired to pick up the nearest Uni-Ball Eye fine line biro and start doodling.

What emerged was the picture you see above. Mostly directly out of my head, through the biro and onto the paper with no pencils. I've named it Big Girl, you are Beautiful after Mika's song. The lady in question looks rather like a lady I once saw in Lanzarote.
I rather like it. I may just turn it into a painting.

When I get into my new house and have a studio again, that is.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What a difference a month makes ...

Wow. Looking at my photo album I was suddenly struck by the evidence of my weight loss programme. You know how it is ... you never see the loss because it's gradual. But these two shots of yours truly - taken just a month apart - show what a fat-head I was and provide a glimpse of what I will look like.



Fat is nature's Botox!