Saturday, February 17, 2007

Something Old, Something New ... something that might be finished one day. Maybe.

I went to Fountain Studios in Wembley last night to watch an episode of the new series of BBC1 game show School's Out being recorded. Danny (Yes Man) Wallace was on form as quizmaster and the guests - Dom Wood, Tina Hobley and Graham Norton were good fun. Norton in particular was hilarious both on and off camera. But it was the new Wembley Stadium that most impressed me. It towers over the area and looks amazing. I know it's been delayed and has gone monstrously over budget (and still isn't finished), but it is a fantastic piece of architecture and the 'village' around it, including the tube train and mainline stations look equally spanky too.

I took the night time photo at around 9pm from the westbound platform of Wembley Stadium station. And when I got home, I realised that I had a photo taken from almost the exact same spot in 2001. How things have changed, eh? You can see just how much smaller the old twin towers stadium was (it barely shows above the now vanished trees). You can also see that they've demolished the old concrete bridge and replaced it with a sexy new stainless steel job with sinuous curves that mirror the stadium arch.

People moan about modern architecture but examples like the stadium and the City of London Gherkin and the proposed Shard of Glass do go to prove that a new thing is not necessarily a bad thing.

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joelmead said...

Amazing what a difference six years makes! Wonder if the stadium will ever be finished?