Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas and New Year to my strangely tongue-tied visitors

I've added a counter to this blog. I got it from the nice people at and the great thing about it is that, once you have an account with them, they can tell you where your blog visitors come from. So far this week, I've had visits from the UK, USA, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey and many more ... and it's a real thrill to see where in the world my wittering drivel has reached.

But, dear readers, why don't any of you leave me any comments, hmmm? I get spam. Oh yes. The buggers have already found me to offer their pornographic and medicinal delights. But I rarely get any nice comments. Or even nasty comments. So come on guys and gals! Let me know what you think. Season of goodwill and all that.

Anyhoo ... Have a fantastic Christmas (or other appropriate Winter festival) wherever you are and an equally brilliant New Year!

I know I will.


yvelstew said...

Congrats on yet another sprog. Stig you are truly a man of many colours, in the photo it looks like your wearing a DJ. Have you gone conventional in your oncoming old age, or is this just another experimental deviation?

Stig said...

Conventional? Me? Lobster!

joelmead said...

But I've got this great product that will change your life…