Monday, December 11, 2006

Dr Sketchy - A Virgin in London

My mate James Murphy and I went to the first London Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art Class on Saturday. Dr Sketchy's was started by New York artist and Burlesque dancer Molly Crabapple as a way of making life-drawing classes more fun. As far as Dr Sketchy's is concerned, anyone who can hold a pencil is welcome. Consequently, the combination of beer, busty babes, Burlesque and ... er ... sketching (sorry, couldn't think of a sketching word starting with B) has proved to be immensely popular and has spread throughout the USA, Canada and Australia. And now the phenomenon has reached our shores with Dr Sketchy's springing up in Scotland and now England.

Saturday saw Murphy and I roll into the Volupte Club near Chancery Lane for three hours of fun and frolics with compere Dusty Limits and buxom model Ophelia Bitz. And it really was great fun.

I reckon that we acquitted ourselves rather well having both won on-the-spot prizes of snifters of brandy and Fererro Rocher (ooh ... they were spoiling us!) chocolates. We were challenged to complete sketches in ever shorter time spans as Ophelia went through her nipple-tasselled paces. I've included one of my 2 minute sketches ... complete with glove puppets (Yup ... she used glove puppets). And one of Murphy's that was simply titled 'Deck the halls'.

Want to know more? Log on to the Dr Sketchy Website. And if you want to know when the next one is running in London, click here. Oh, and Murphy's blog is here.

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