Friday, November 03, 2006

My Jewellery Designs

Back in 2001 when Dawn and I decided to tie the knot, I decided that it might be nice to design my own wedding ring. I know this very clever jeweller called Neil Fullard and he'd mentioned several times in the past that he'd like to have a go at making something designed by me. So the time seemed ripe.

My starting point was that I wanted to design a ring that looked as if it had flowed around my finger and set hard. I wanted sexy, curvaceous shapes. And I wanted it to look almost grown rather than manufactured. After about 20-25 drawings, I arrived at this (above). I could see waves in it, which made me think of my native Cornwall and the sea. There was something like a dolphin leaping in the shape. And there were boat keels and crab claws. It seemed to fulfil my criteria. But, as an extra design feature, I fancied trapping a gemstone in one of the gaps, just like seasnails or sea-smoothed pebbles catch in the gaps and cracks of rockpools. I gave the design to Neil and he made it up in platinum with a deep blue - almost black - sapphire. It was just what I was after. He's a clever boy.

Next, I designed a brooch. Again, I was keen to feature as many natural forms as I could. And after much doodling, I came up with this:
It is based around the shape of an egg - nature's perfect receptacle - and boasts features such as the split leaves of rubber plants, a shark's gills, the crest of a hadrosaur, a foetus, a hornbill's bill, a lion's tail and many more, all distilled down into a single complex shape. Neil made up a prototype and, again, it looks gorgeous. I must get around to designing the rest of the set some day.

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