Friday, November 24, 2006

It's all a plot to make me feel old ...

I once heard comedian Billy Connolly say that he knew he was getting old when he started making grunting noises while picking things up. For me it's been far more traumatic.

I turned 45 in August and, until then, had enjoyed relatively rude health. I have a back injury that causes me a bit of pain now and again but I rarely have a cold, or sore throats or tummy bugs or any of the common ailments that trouble us. But since August, things have changed dramatically. My blood pressure went up. My cholestrerol soared to 7.4. My left knee started to play me up. And I started getting headaches.

I've dealt with the blood pressure issue by losing some weight and my cholesterol is better. The headaches were because I now need reading glasses. And the knee? Some cartilege damage leftover from my youthful days as a hooker ... while playing Rugby, folks (you think I'd get work as a male prostitute with this face?). I'm pencilled in for an operation in the new year.

So, now that's all been dealt with, I don't feel so old ... or didn't until 10.50pm on the 22nd when my daughter Kerys presented me with my second grandchild. I'm a grandad again.

So welcome to the world Tyler Myghal Dawson Colgan, a little brother for Leah. Like most babies, he looks like a grumpy old man.

Just like me, in fact.

Ooh ... I'm sure my prostate's starting to rumble ...


Tony Evans said...

Congratulations Stiamh

That's congratulations on becoming a grandad again of course and not on your sundry ailments.

Stig said...

Thnaks Tony ... and thanks for the Celtic spelling!