Sunday, October 29, 2006

Curse you Ladders!

A big thanks to White Watch at High Wycombe Fire Station. As part of my ongoing book project to prove that luck does not exist, I asked them if I could walk under their biggest ladder. And they did me proud ... not just one ladder but four, including the 24 metre (nearly 80 feet) extending MAN ladder pump.

When I got home I discovered that the toilet flush was stuck, the car developed a hole in the radiator expansion tank, and all of the phones and internet connections in my house had gone kaput.

Surely not ...


Spud said...

mmm. The fact that you drop logs larger than small children, neglect your car and you went over to cheapy rubbish talk talk has nothing to do withit??

Like they say, you make your own luck...ha

Me said...

Ahhh at least I now know from Spuds post you have friends other than me - and whats more he knows you so well!

Wasnt I there that night and thus adding to your run of crap luck!!!