Friday, August 04, 2006

Hello, hello ... it's good to be back

Sorry for the Gary Glitter lyric in the title but it is good to be back.

I admit that I've been lazy. I've mistreated my blog. I've left it cold, lonely and unloved in its kennel out in the back yard in the rain.

But no more.

I decided to rip it up and start again and, hopefully, inject some new life into it after chatting with New York comedienne and blog queen Jen Dziura.

She gave me a good hard kick up the arse. And I didn't even need to pay.

I've also had a number of extremely successful meetings recently and have decided to up the ante on pitching my book projects to agents and publishers. I have lifted myself up from the well of despondency and I'm now happily sat in the bucket of optimism.

Onwards and upwards, people. Onwards and upwards.


Me said...

You old dog - publisher - HURRAH!

This is wonderful wonderful and much deserved news - what piece of prose got them to recognise your brilliance.

So glad you are back blogging - your wit was missed!

Stig said...

Thank you 'Me' (I know who you are ...)

Me said...

I know who you are too - this could go on for a while!! :-)

Stig said...

I know ... oh never mind.