Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Ma'am

It was the Queen’s 80th birthday on April 26th.

I’m not a Royalist but neither am I a raging Republican. I just find it odd that we pay such deference to a group of people whose ancestors basically beat up our ancestors in order to be the boss. I also find it odd that Royalty enjoys our highest esteem when they defer all decisions about running the country to self-serving politicians (who never get it right, no matter who’s in charge). It makes me wonder what exactly the Royals do that warrants our allegiance.

People will tell you that they’re a boon to the tourist industry. But are they? Isn’t it the trappings of Royalty that people come to see? The palaces and the jewellery and the castles … they’d all still be here even if the Royals weren’t. And how many tourists actually ever get to see a Royal, let alone meet one?

I have actually met a few members of the Royal family. And they were very nice, if stiff. But how could they be otherwise? Mollycoddled and kept safe like the rest of our national treasures, they live in a world that defies all similarity with the world we know and have to live in. They get dusted off and brought out like the best china when the tourists arrive.

Oh well. Happy birthday Ma’am. I hope you appreciate it. You are the living proof that money and privilege buys health and longevity. I’d like to have seen you survive 80 years on some of the council estates I’ve visited recently.

(I can be such a bitch, can't I? Sorry.)

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