Saturday, August 05, 2006

An apparition of Dunny Mouse

Every so often, someone claims to have seen the image of Jesus in an odd place; like in a brown patch on a cow's back. Or in a marble cake or a lava lamp or a wardrobe (all real recent occurrences). The Virgin Mary turns up occasionally in slices of toast or in the rust stains on a concrete motorway support. And earlier in the year, Elvis's 'head' turned up in a tree.

This is the curious phenomenon of simulacra - seeing images of people or things in unexpected places; often in spontaneous natural forms. Well, I found one myself yesterday in the gents' toilet of a cafe in Bloomsbury, London. A perfect simulacrum of Mickey Mouse in the urinal.

Oddly enough, when I showed this to people, their only question was, 'Why were you taking photographs in a Gents' toilet?'


Me said...

You are bonkers - completely and utterly bonkers.

And to think you took a picture in the mens toilets - you were lucky not to be thumped or arrested!

Great post Stig.

Stig said...


Yes, it was a buttock-clenchingly tense few minutes as I wrestled the camera out of my bag and set the shot up.

How do you explain something like that?

My best plan was to claim that I was a hygiene inspector and hope to bullsh*t my way out!